Pentagon Security

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Our Services

Pentagon Security provides quality, accountable and very professional Security Services. Please consider us in need of any of the following services.

  • Door Supervisor
    Pride at our Supervision
    We will be able to provide the required amount of fully trained staff to maintain security inside and outside of the premises. The staff provided for this service will have extensive experience to deal with all matters.
  • Close Protection
    Protection to the Highest level
    Personnel for this service will provide the best form of security allowing you to feel safe and secure were ever your business may take you. The close protection security team will have the best training and necessary experience to meet your needs.
  • Event Security
    We will make your event safe and secure
    We will provide staff trained in crowd control and first aid. They will be able to deal with any prospective riotous behaviour in a professional and diplomatic manner.
  • Retail Security
    Provides active and smart security
    Our staff are trained to be able to spot possible shoplifters and cause the necessary deterrence to prevent any loss to the business. They are also able to deal with any aggressive behaviour in a professional and diplomatic manner to calm any situation fast and effectively. We can also provide mobile security for larger retail outlets or malls.
  • Static Security
    Offers reliable and honest security
    We are able to provide tailor made services for a number of businesses from restaurants to hotels and business towers.
  • Mobile Patrols
    Best at security
    We will provide fully trained and professional staff to be able to patrol large areas and keep full contact to maintain the best security for large areas for example business estates, Data Centres, malls and airports.
  • Building Security
    Your building is safer with us
    We can provide staff for concierge services in apartment blocks, desk security for hotels and large business run buildings.
  • Executive Transport
    Travel safely and in style
    We are able to provide specially licensed personnel holding advanced driving licences to increase your level of CP (close protection).
  • Risk Assessments
    Your safety is our priority
    We are able to do a full risk assessment allowing you to know all of your security weak points and help you adapt your security needs to fill these gaps. It will also highlight the risk to staff and public safety should there be any.

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